About us

I am Pradeep, an engineer by profession and running my own industry in Jaipur for the last 35 years. My wife Kalpana is a yoga guru and a holistic healer. We are warm and hospitable and love to meet folks from other walks of life and from across the world... to exchange the richness of culture, cuisines, experiences and warmth.


Our home is welcoming, clean and comfortable, a blend of the traditional and contemporary. We both speak English and have traveled widely across the world. Both of us are highly educated with a modern outlook on life, yet we are proud of our traditions and values.


We enjoy celebrating all festivals with joy and gaiety and in Jaipur especially there are scores of festivals in almost each month of the year. 


With our roots attached to Jaipur, we know the region, the customs and the local people well and provide you with an unrivalled local knowledge. If you would like a yoga lesson, the most reputed yoga guru is right at home!