Thank you very much Kalpana.

The divine mother blessed us to meet you and we look forward to meet you again and again


--- Anna Palungist, France







After many seasons of vinyasa, this class has complemented our yoga experience. These are so  simple things we never knew / have not been taught ( they why’s & reasons ) that are very interesting.

The basics of yoga should be taught ( the spiritual and health benefits ) before any physical yoga, and this is exactly what Kalp YoG gives you. I will definitely return to learn more.


--- Sarah Howell, UK




A wonderful journey into the beginning of understanding the science and art of Yoga. We did a lot of work on breathing and postures which we will take home with us to help us improve our practice of yoga. Cannot thank you enough.  thank you


--- Emily Peck,  UK


Such an amazing experience. Got a better understanding of the reality of yoga, we learnt the importance patience and breathing rather than trying to achieve certain postures. Such a lovelt Lady, I will take home all her advice and keep in touch. Namaastee


--- Sophie Chambers, USA




Happy to see you again… Thank you for the good class


--- Thierry Colson, Australia



This yoga class was exactly what I needed after many weeks of backpacking. It helped me feel centered again, and ready for more adventuring.  Thank you!


--- Aisling, IRELAND